BD-503 收折式診療椅


BD-503 Portable Dental Chair

Height of seat surface above ground:  240~640(mm)

Range of back rest angle:  100°~175°

Loading capacity:  Standard for dental patient (135kg)

Illumination:  LED projection, AC-DC chargeable light illumination

Power Supply:  110VAC~240VAC ,50Hz~60Hz

Capacity of battery:  300mAh

Duration of service: 18h (weak) or 9h (strong), reusable after charging


This product is a new generation of folding chair designed on the basis of original model BD-503 portable chair by changing the original halogen bulb into LED spotlight illumination By adopting modern human engineering theory, the length and width of the chair are extended by 50mm and 40mm respectively, a basin support and a waste basin are added at the right side, and it is changed from half-folding to full-foldable mechanism (without using screw driver and wrench), the right/left arm rest is modified into stationary type to become more solid and stable, while the total weight is reduced by 2kg. It is suitable for a lot of applications such as dental treatment, transfusion, beauty salon, leisure resting, etc.



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